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2021: ArtMuc

2021: INCorporating Artfair Hamburg

Solo Exhibitions:

2021: "Pictures of Images" at Wedeking Munich

2022: "Abstractions" Privat gallery in Moabit-Berlin 

2023: "NICE TO MEET ME" Ilmazu München 

2023: "NICE TO MEET ME" Tcha - Joya Burda, Berlin

2023: "Künstler für Kinder" Benefizveranstaltung mit Adigrad Vision e.V

2023: Kollaboration mit Fabian Zug 

2024: P1 München "Desire and Ration" & "NICE TO MEET ME"

2024: Kulturraum Neuhausen "Pictures of Images"

Group Exhibitions:

2023: "Eyecandy" at Mim "Space for Culture and Art" in Munich

2023: "Dreamscapes" Noisy Buffer München with Artists from AdbK

Projects: Director and creative concept by Pia Poi

Multisensoric Experiance "Mixological interpretation of Art" at Bar & Restaurant "Herzog" in Munich

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